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Management and Governance

Management and Governance

The Medical Research Council sponsors the CALM project, providing direct support from 2014-2019 for the intra-mural programmes of Duncan Astle, Susan Gathercole and Tom Manly. The Manager of CALM is Senior Investigator Scientist Joni Holmes, and the Clinic Managers are Annie Bryant and Fánchea Daly.

The clinic and other CALM activities are overseen by the CALM Management Committee, whose membership consists of the CALM Team (Astle, Emery, Gathercole, Holmes, Kievit, Manly), an NHS clinical psychologist working for CAMHS (Humphrey) and a speech and language therapist. The Committee is chaired by Susan Gathercole. The Committee Terms of Reference are shown here.

The activities of CALM comply with the CBU Safeguarding Policy.

Applications for access to CALM data and to recruit from the research panel for future research studies are handled by the Committee. Procedures for authorship of publications arising from the CALM research clinic are described here.

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