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The story so far

The doors of the clinic opened in October 2014. Recruitment has been unexpectedly easy, helped by the lack of local resources for thorough cognitive assessments for children with learning and behavioural difficulties. As of February 2018, 650 children had visited the clinic.


Each visit takes 3.5 hours and consists of a range of standard cognitive assessments in areas including attention, language, memory, executive function, and academic achievements. Accompanying parents / carers complete a range of questionnaires relating to family history, health, and behaviour.

At the time of the clinic visit, children and their families are asked if they would like to take part in the neuroimaging part of the project. To date 82% of those attending the clinic have agreed to do so in a separate visit to the CBU MRI facility. During this visit the children can familiarise themselves with the scanning experience using our mock scanner, and in a 1-hour session structural, DTI and resting-scans are conducted.


Over 300 children have completed MRI scans to date.img_9760

We have now reached the target number of children with difficulties in attention, learning and / or memory set out in our original study design. We are closing referrals to CALM for children with these problems with immediate effect.

From May 2018 we will be recruiting children attending the same schools as the children we have already seen in CALM. The purpose of this new recruitment phase is to allow us to look in detail at the extent to which the cognitive abilities, learning, behaviour and brain functioning of children referred to CALM differ from a representative sample of children of the same age.

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