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Who works here and what do they do?

Several scientists at the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit who are interested in children’s development work together through CALM. See the team members below.

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Dr Duncan Astle,
expert in the brain
basis of attention and 

working memory in

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Dr Joe Bethalt,

post-doc researcher

interested in

brain mechanisms

of cognitive development

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Sally Butterfield,

Research Assistant 

coordinating MRI

scanning for

the CALM clinic

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Professor Susan

world leader in

working memory

and language

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Dr Erin Hawkins,
post-doc researcher

interested in the impact 

of working memory

and cognitive control

on learning in children

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jh rogierkievit tm fw
Dr Joni Holmes,
CALM manager and
expert in working
memory, learning
and cognitive training
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Dr Rogier Kievit,

expert in the


changes of learning

across the lifespan

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Dr Tom Manly,
expert in attention

and rehabilitation
after brain

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Francesca Woolgar,
day-to-day manager
of the CALM clinic
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15 Chaucer Road Cambridge, CB2 7EF

Telephone: +44 1223 273654 or +44 1223 273762


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