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What Happens at the Clinic?

What happens at the research clinic?

Children visit the clinic with a parent/carer for a single 3.5 hour assessment.  The clinic is family-friendly and has a waiting area for families.

We carry out a broad range of assessments on a one-to-one basis with each child to measure their abilities in different areas (e.g. memory, reading, attention). While we are carrying out the assessments, parents/carers complete a few questionnaires about the child’s behaviour. A full list of the assessments can be found here.

At the end of the assessment session, families are invited to join the research volunteer panel. If they agree, their contact details will be kept on file and they will be contacted when suitable research studies arise.

Children are also invited to provide a saliva sample and consent to having a brain scan at a later date. These two options are not compulsory, and the assessment can be completed without them. Please click to download more information about the saliva sample and  brain scan.

Here is a short film showing what to expect when you visit the CALM clinic:


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