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Welcome to the Centre for Attention, Learning and Memory

The Centre for Attention, Learning and Memory (CALM) is a research centre specialising in understanding how children attend, listen and remember. We aim to understand how these skills impact on learning from infancy through to adolescence.

Research conducted within CALM has a particular focus on the causes, consequences and remediation of difficulties in attention, learning and memory. These include problems in language, literacy and maths.

We aim to:

  • increase our understanding of the cognitive and brain processes involved in learning
  • develop ways of identifying and overcoming problems that might emerge during childhood
  • provide an information hub for researchers and professionals in children’s  services

CALM is located in the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (CBSU) in Cambridge, which is funded by the Medical Research Council. Its activities build on research strengths in cognitive development and its disorders at the CBSU and the University of Cambridge.

We have many ongoing research projects. To find out more about our research please click here.

*Recruitment criteria update*

We have now reached the target number of children with difficulties in attention, learning and / or memory set out in our original study design. We closed referrals for these children to CALM in March 2018.

From May 2018 we will be recruiting children attending the same schools as the children we have already seen in CALM. The purpose of this new recruitment phase is to allow us to look in detail at the extent to which the cognitive abilities, learning, behaviour and brain functioning of children referred to CALM differ from a representative sample of children of the same age.

15 Chaucer Road Cambridge, CB2 7EF

Telephone: +44 1223 273654 or +44 1223 273762


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